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Does this service support all file types?
We add support for different file extensions from time to time. Please check our K2PDF.COM supported document formats for an up to date list of supported extensions.

How much time do I have to retrieve the converted PDF file?
Your converted PDF document will be available for download 24 hours after conversion.  It will then be removed from our servers.

How secure are my files?
Our servers routinely delete all raw and converted files 24 hours after being converted.  Only on rare occasions when the user reports a problem, do we reserve the right to view a file on our servers.  Such viewing will not change the deletion time from our servers, nor will we disclose any file contents.
Is there size limit to the files I submit?
There is an upload file size limit of 15MB  which according to our survey it is quite sufficient for most users. In the events your original document file size exceeds such limit, you could try zipping up (compress) your document to less than 75MB since we also accept .ZIP filetype. Alternatively you may contact us via for offline suggestions.
Why doesn't the PDF file look like my original document?
There are myriads of reasons that could happen but most popular of all are the following:
1) For certain file extensions, page size of the original document may be a factor when it is not formatted to 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Whether orientation is landscape or portrait is of no factor. You might also want to adjust your original document margin settings see if that makes any difference.
2) There may be macros within your document and macros do not get considered as part of the K2PDF conversion.
3) You may have submitted a file containing non-standard fonts which we do not support in general. Unless you have embedded such fonts within your document. Font embedding is a feature that is application specific. e.g. MS Word and MS Publisher has that feature. For details please see the follow on questions within this FAQ.
Why did I not receive an email after my PDF conversion submission?
There are several reasons for not receiving an email.
1) The file size being submitted is greater than 75MB.
2) The file submitted was password protected
3) The email address provided is incorrect. (we find this a common error for lots of users)
4) The email client security setting is at high. (For example:  In Hotmail, make sure the junk mail filter is not set to Exclusive.)
5) Members and Credit Users please use the email address registered to your K2PDF Account.
As a first time user, please beware in an attempt to avoid fraudulent conversion submissions with bad email addresses, an email verification notice is sent before any PDF conversions take place. Your conversion jobs will be processed and delivered once you have successfully verified your email address.
Why can't I save the target as a file when right clicking the link on the email?
Some email clients may not have appropriate right click popup context menu for such file saving selection.   We have tested Outlook Express 6 that works properly.  One way to get around this is to highlight the entire line, followed by copying it to clipboard (Ctrl-C) and pasting it (Ctrl-V) in the browser address destination in order to retrieve your PDF converted file. If in the event the above does not work, you can open adobe acrobat reader, click File, Open and paste the pdf file retrieval url link to the File name field.
Is there anything I should be aware of when submitting a MS Publisher file for conversion?
While most publisher documents utilize unique fonts and/or graphics, certain caveats thus precautions are to be taken before submitting your Publisher .PUB documents to K2PDF.COM in order to achive optimal success in conversions.
Embedding Graphics - Open your .PUB document, go to "Tools", "Graphics Manager", under "Display Options", choose to show "Missing/Modified Pictures", make sure there isn't any items/pictures show up on the list. Alternatively, you can choose to show "All Pictures" make sure all items are "Embedded". If not, try following the below procedures in converting a linked picture to an embedded picture.
============================================================================================== When you convert a linked picture to an embedded picture, Publisher embeds the linked picture data into the publication and cancels the link to the linked picture.

1. On the Tools menu, click Graphics Manager.
2. In the Graphics Manager task pane, under Select a picture, click the arrow next to the linked picture that you want to convert to an embedded picture, and then click Convert to Embedded Picture.

(linked picture: A picture that links to a high-resolution image file that is stored outside of the publication file. If the linked picture is changed in an image-editing program, you can update the linked picture in the publication file.)
(embedded picture: A picture that is stored within a publication rather than being linked to a source file outside of the publication.)

Embedding Fonts - Open your .PUB document, go to "Tools", "Commercial Printing Tools", "Fonts". Make certain "Embed True Type fonts when saving publication" is checked. You should also check "Do not embed common system fonts".
Finally, you should save your document again before submitting to K2PDF.COM for PDF conversions.
How and why do I embed fonts in MS Word .DOC documents?
From the .doc file perspective fonts should be embedded since not all font usage are windows standard fonts. i.e. when your .doc file is uploaded to us for conversion it would have those fonts showing correctly. To do that, you need to open up your MSWord application, go to "Tools" menu, then "Options", within which you have quite a few tabs, click on "Save" tab. Then from there make certain you have "Embed TrueType Fonts" as well "Embed Characters in use only" checked/selected. Go ahead and save you .doc file again before submitting to our online conversion engine.
How many files can I include in the ZIP file?
Please note that each zip file submission should contain no more than 3 convertable documents with supported extensions within the zip archive. If you are a registered credit based user, credit deduction is based on # of files within your zip archive that will be successfully converted. i.e. if your zip file contains 3 files to be converted and they all successfully got converted, your account credit deduction would be 3, even though you have submitted only 1 zip file.
Please Note: When zipping up your "to-be-converted" files, please include only K2PDF.COM supported extensions. An up to date list is on the supported document formats section Also, most zip utilities allow you to include sub-directories/sub-folders with files inside. Our conversion engine would only consider files within your zip archive that are internal one level deep. i.e. if you have "to-be-converted" files that are in a sub-folder within another sub-folder, those would be discarded. If this is somewhat confusing, the easiest is to include files only but not folders.
What is the file size limitation on ZIP file submission?
K2PDF.COM currently allows conversion submission of file size 75MB. This applies whether you are submitting a .DOC file or .ZIP file. It is the byte counts once you have zipped up all your files that we use as restriction parameter. The sum of all Individual files within your zip file when extracted/unzipped could end up to be way more than 75MB depends on the compression achieved. Most word processing documents can potentially achive high compression ratio so in essence your submission is now more flexible in byte size and/or it takes less time to do file transmission. Even if you only have 1 file to convert, we encourage all users to zip up their files so as to archive most efficient conversion. Why wait for 2 minutes to do transferring when it can take only 1 minute?
Important Note: It is our security policy to flag any users who submit either files with viruses or malformed/corrupted files. In the events repeat violations are detected, your account access privilege could be removed without notice.

Please direct all other support questions to:

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